SpraySeeMO Gallery

KC Crossroads Mural Festival

“Our goal is to continue to grow and propel Kansas City into a similar mural destination that promotes creative expression and exploration on a massive scale for each and everyone to enjoy all day everyday.  We are celebrating this truly incredible Arts District and furthering its presence as an art-rich destination with a strong public art element through large-scale public art murals.” — SpraySeeMO.com


1. Get the App

Download the free PixelStix app to find murals in the SpraySeeMO gallery. 

Tap Maps to view nearby murals and galleries.

2. PixelStix Maps

If you are in the Kansas City area, swipe the galleries left or right and then tap the ‘sprayseemo’ gallery to show it’s murals. 

The Map will stay active and move as you walk, bike, or drive through the streets and alleys of Kansas City, MO.

If you don’t see the SpraySeeMO gallery in PixelStix Maps you can always search for it by name. 

3. Search Maps

If you’d like to explore just the murals for a particular artist in the SparySeeMO gallery, search for any gallery by name. 

Search ‘tenhun’ to see a map of all works by @tenhun.

4. Scan Plaques

Some murals in the KCPAC gallery will have a PixelStix plaque that you can scan to learn more about the artist. 

Open PixelStix, tap the P and touch your phone to the plaque or simply scan the QR code using your phone’s camera. 

tip: tapping the small P in PixelStix Maps works too!


Below is a live map showing all the PixelStix plaques on murals in the SpraySeeMO gallery. You can click or tap each P to scan the plaque as if you were at the mural yourself.

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