PixelStix connects your story to any place or item.

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The PixelStix app is where the fun begins. Assign video or image content, view content connected to stickers, and explore maps created by other PixelStix users.

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These amazing little stickers will hold 1 video memory each and work anywhere on the planet!

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What Is PixelStix?

There are nearly infinite uses for PixelStix, from picture frames to huge works of public art. Any place or item you want to attach a story to, simply place a sticker, tap to assign media, and voila!

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PixelStix in Action – SHINE

The SHINE Mural Festival is St. Petersburg’s walkable urban gallery; an outdoor art gallery experience which is specific to the Burg’s distinctly artistic sensibilities. SHINE and PixelStix partnered together to create a truly interactive experience.

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