How PixelStix Works

The ideas of how to use PixelStix are never-ending and we receive ideas on the daily from people. Below is a basic example of how to use a PixelStix, what a PixelStix is and how they work with the PixelStix app for anyone wanting to own a PixelStix. If you are wandering around downtown and come across a PixelStix -- all you have to do is tap it with your phone! After reading about how PixelStix works, browse our list of available types and order yours.


Mostly commonly people order the PixelStix stickers so they can slap them on a variety of objects. Order one or a bunch here. They will arrive at your doorstep!


It's free for Apple and Android. You'll use it to assign your content and everyone else will use it to view your PixelStix


Video of a concert? Selfie during a skydive? Your cat attacking her toy? Whatevs. Just make sure your finger is out of the way!


    By tapping your phone to an empty PixelStix, you can assign whatever video or image you want to assign. From this moment on, wherever the PixelStix goes - your video goes!


    The PixelStix is now 'live'. Stick to a postcard and send it off. Stick it in a photo album next to your pictures, (pro-tip: videos in your photo albums!). Stick it on a random wall downtown. #whynot


    Now you can sit back and relax or go and do more of the same. Anyone with the app can tap their phone to your PixelStix and they will see your video, selfie, or whatever you assigned to your PixelStix!

Looking for PixelStix Ideas?

There are literally thousands of fun ways to use a PixelStix everywhere from letting them guide you on walking tours of downtown art to creating sweet memories in the cookbook you created with your Grandmother. Here are a few to get your creative juices flowing!

Postcards of your travels and adventures that you send to friends are like 10 times more cool when you use a PixelStix to assign a Video of you doing something cool!

Slap a PixelStix on the back or the front of a picture frame and assign a video to enjoy every time you are telling your friends about the picture you took.e the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled...

Next time you visit Disney, buy a Christmas ornament and assign that cool video of you and your friends gettin' tipsy in the teacups. You'll love enjoying it every year you decorate your tree. Or give it to your Mom for her tree. You really should call more ya know.

Whether for the Holidays or for all the people that didn't make the 'short list' for your wedding - use a PixelStix to slap that gorgeous picture you paid a lot of money for on the greeting card.

It is so cool to have a video on the pages of your photo Album along with all those pictures of you exploring Yosemite. Slap some PixelStix in there and keep those memories forever!

With PixelStix you can assign a video from your party to all the party favors you hand out at your party. Just let us know and we can set it all up for you so that when you assign your cool content to one, all of the PixelStix show the same video or picture of your drunk ass passed out in a bathroom.


For those just viewing a random PixelStix that they come across there isn't much to do but tap the PixelStix and viola! For those of you that are assigning content, joining PixelStix scavenger hunts or using any one of the cool features in the PixelStix app, here are some sexy shots of the PixelStix app!

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