An Art Exhibition All Over the City of St Petersburg, FL
@jade1rivera 'El Tempo' SHINE Mural Festival 2016

The SHINE St Petersburg Mural gallery grows every year when SHINE curates new pieces to be painted by local, national, and international artists. This Festival began in 2015 and SHINE partnered with PixelStix in 2018 to bring an Art Gallery experience to the collection.

“PixelStix has allowed our curated murals to become an interactive urban gallery, now accessible to all, each with a narrated description, creating a museum quality experience without walls or admission costs to the visitors”

John Collins, Executive Director, St. Petersburg Arts Alliance

The plaques, mural network, and information about each mural were paid
for by the St Pete Arts Alliance as a gift to the community.

Explore the SHINE Gallery using PixelStix

Download PixelStix.

If you are in the St Pete area, tap Maps to view the SHINE gallery.

You can always find the SHINE gallery by searching for SHINE in Maps

To learn about the art when you find a SHINE plaque, Open PixelStix, tap the P and touch your phone to the plaque or simply scan the QR code.

SHINE 2022: YEAR 8

SHINE 2022 Lineup
Sydney Prusso, Van Der Luc, Ashley Cantero, James Bullough, Baghead, Emily Tan, Erik Jones, Palehorse, Stephen Palladino, 123Klan, Tasko, Dreamweaver, MadC, Ben Johnston, Imagine, Egypt Hagan, Jeff Williams, Marina Capdevila, Reginald O’Neal, Vitale Bros, Jason Harvin, Nneka Jones, The Happy Mural Project/Alyssa Marie, Amy Ilic-Volpe, Chad Mize & Friends

Video by Sunsation Video