An art exhibition all over the city of St Petersburg, FL

@jade1rivera 'El Tempo'

The SHINE St Petersburg Mural gallery grows every year when SHINE curates new pieces to be painted by local, national, and international artists. This Festival began in 2015 and SHINE partnered with PixelStix in 2018 to bring an Art Gallery experience to the collection.

"PixelStix has allowed our curated murals to become an interactive urban gallery, now accessible to all, each with a narrated description, creating a museum quality experience without walls or admission costs to the visitors"
John Collins
Executive Director SPAA , 2011 to 2021

The plaques, mural network, and information about each mural were paid
for by the St Pete Arts Alliance as a gift to the community.


1. Get the App

Download the free PixelStix app to find each of the murals in the SHINE gallery. 

Tap Maps to view nearby murals and galleries.

2. PixelStix Maps

If you are in the St Petersburg area, swipe the galleries left or right and then tap the SHINE gallery to show it’s murals. 

The Map will stay active and move as you walk, bike, or drive through the streets and alleys of St Petersburg. 

If you don’t see the SHINE gallery in PixelStix Maps you can always search for it by name. 

3. Search Maps

If you’d like to explore just the murals from a particular year, search for any gallery by name. 

Search ‘shine2023’ to see a map of the latest additions to the SHINE gallery.  

4. Scan Plaques

Every mural in the SHINE gallery will have a PixelStix plaque that you can scan to learn more about the artist. 

Open PixelStix, tap the P and touch your phone to the plaque. 

tip: tapping the small P in PixelStix Maps works too!

If a plaque has a QR code you can also just scan that with your phones’s camera.


Below is a live map showing all the PixelStix plaques on murals from the 2023 SHINE mural festival. You can click or tap each P to scan the plaque as if you were at the mural yourself.

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