SHINE Mural Festival – quotes

Describe how you’ve used PixelStix.
We’ve used PixelStix to help create access to artist information for the SHINE Mural Festival. By attaching plaques to each mural, viewers can connect with more information about each artist and learn about the mural itself.

If PixelStix solved a problem for you, can you explain?
PixelStix has helped us create a map of all the SHINE murals in St. Petersburg. We don’t currently have a single source with all this information. Plus, PixelStix has helped us further promote our hard working artists.

How was your experience with the technology behind PixelStix?
I find the technology simple, relatively easy to use and versatile.

How was your experience with the people behind PixelStix?
Matthew and James have been very pleasant, efficient, and collaborative. It’s been a fun process working together.

SHINE is a St. Petersburg-based art project empowering local artists and community members to revitalize, inspire, and unite their city. The annual SHINE Mural Festival features new large-scale murals by world-renowned artists from St. Petersburg and around the globe. The murals represent St. Petersburg’s diverse and vibrant community and turn the city into a public, outdoor art gallery.

By partnering with PixelStix, SHINE is making St. Petersburg’s gallery of murals even more accessible to the community. Plaques with embedded PixelStix next to each mural allow viewers to connect with information about the mural and artist with just a tap of their phone. Furthermore, the PixelStix app provides a map of all the SHINE murals – something which was previously unavailable – making it simple to take a self-guided art tour around the city.