Free iOS and Android App for Exploring Murals
1.6 Home Screen


  • Free App for iOS and Android that contains all the mural locations.
  • When the app touches a PixelStix Smart Plaque, the mural's story is immediately viewed.


1.6 Home Screen Expanded

The Home screen of the PixelStix App allows you to interact with any object that has a PixelStix embedded inside it. With murals you will almost always use this to touch a plaque.

1.6 Maps Everywhere

PixelStix Maps allows you to select from hundreds of galleries that have PixelStix located in public locations.

Selecting a gallery will reveal the location of all it's PixelStix for you to hunt down. You can can either MapTap the PixelStix or touch your phone to the PixelStix once found.


To interact with a mural plaque, just touch the Pixelstix icon in the app to put the app into scan mode and touch the nose (iOS) or back (Android) of your phone to the plaque.

Turn Your Collection into a Mural Gallery
Per Mural Location
Interactive mural map for tourists and community members
Each mural location added to the free PixelStix app
Custom PixelStix smart plaque for each location
Each location made interactive for your visitors
All training, consultation and support included
Free monthly analytics sent to your email
10 mural minimum