Flint Public Art Project (FPAP) uses art as a medium to build up and bring together the communities in Flint, Michigan through public events, workshops, and  installations. Since its founding in 2013, FPAP has aimed to inspire residents to reimagine the city, reclaim vacant and underutilized buildings and lots, and use innovative tools to steer Flint’s long-range planning.

PixelStix and Flint Public Art Project first began working together in early 2020 when they transformed a collection of 150+ murals into a gallery experience.


Explore the FLINT Gallery using PixelStix

Download PixelStix.

Go into Maps and enter the Flint Public Art Project gallery.

Drive, bike, or walk to any of the murals shown.

When you arrive at a mural you can learn it's story by touching your phone to it's plaque or by 'map tapping' the P on the Map.

2021 additions to the flint gallery