Taking your mural gallery to the next level of community engagement


After setting up your mural gallery and providing essential details about each artwork through the PixelStix platform, the possibilities for activations are virtually endless. These activations not only rejuvenate the mural spaces but also offer opportunities to integrate other forms of performing arts into your outdoor gallery. Explore the following examples to discover how communities have leveraged our platform to educate and entertain in innovative ways.


A unique collaboration between the Flint Public Art Project, PixelStix, and Flint’s Repertoire Theater. Twenty-five murals across Flint, MI were transformed into captivating audio plays, thanks to the collaborative efforts of playwrights, directors, actors, and sound engineers. Each play was a unique performance but easily enjoyed as a collection whether strolling through the streets or cruising in the city.


Murals In Mind was created by the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, PixelStix, and a team of creatives with the aim of providing a gallery of free digital performances for people to experience art and its therapeutic benefits. Each digital performance is unique and inspired by the corresponding mural, creating a symbiotic relationship between the two.


Collaborating with muralists from around the country and a team of dedicated international meditation composers, our Mural Meditation series harmoniously combines art with mindfulness. Each meditation offers a 3 to 5-minute audio journey crafted for silent reflection, complementing the serene visual backdrop of a selected mural.


The Flint Public Art Project partnered with teachers and students from Carman-Ainsworth High School to craft poems inspired by both the existing murals in the gallery and the pressing issues shaping their lives. Each poignant poem was embedded into the PixelStix plaque alongside the mural, inviting all to listen and reflect on the artwork while engaging with the students’ meaningful expressions.


A joint endeavor between St. Pete artist Derek Donnelly and PixelStix, the Creature Feature presents an AI-generated audio story infused with campy elements, aiming to both entertain and genuinely unsettle listeners as they immerse themselves visually in the mural.


An instant classic! PixelStix teamed up with the SHINE mural festival in St. Petersburg, FL to offer an innovative opportunity for community engagement. Mural audiences enjoyed a docent experience from the comfort of their cars while viewing a mural. Similar to a Drive-In theater setup, participants parked in front of the mural and used PixelStix technology to stream the docent narration directly through their car’s audio system.

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