Using the Starstruck mural by @saintpartarts

'StarStruck' by @saintpaintarts - 2021

Each of the larger planets under these cultural and musical icons are equipped with PixelStix so you can learn more about their lives, careers, and music. Kurt Cobain, Biggie Smalls, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin and Prince.

How to interact with starstruck

Starstruck is equipped with at least 10 PixelStix. When you are close to the mural you will notice that some of the planets are much larger than the others. These have PixelStix inside of them. 

Download  the free PixelStix app on your iPhone or Android device. PixelStix is great for finding and interacting with murals anywhere in the country!

Open PixelStix, Tap the P and slowly move your phone about half an inch above the planet. Once connected your phone will immediately play a video about one of these iconic musicians. 

About @SAINTPAINTARTS, aka derek donnelly

Over the past several years Donnelly has focused on portrait and mural work. He started painting again in 2010 and met several other artists including the late Bill “Woo” Corriea. In late 2011, Derek opened a small gallery in downtown St. Pete called Saint Paint Arts. This collective helped spawn several careers and is heavily involed in the ever-expanding St. Petersburg art scene. In November 2012 Derek’s best friend and mentor “Woo” passed away from complications from brain surgery he had several years before. On the night of his death Donnelly started a tribute mural to him on the side of Saint Paint gallery. The project quickly evolved into a 40+ artist collaboration, with Derek painting Bill’s face and other artists painting marine life around him to commemerate Woo and his aquatic subject matter. –

About PixelSTIX

Started in 2018, PixelStix is a St Petersburg, FL technology company that builds tools and solutions for the mural arts movement. Our flagship free PixelStix app is used all over the UnitedStates to both find and interact with murals. Our technology has also found it’s way in lots of fun products including postcards, wallpaper, and even clothing. Follow us at @pixelstixapp on Instagram. 

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