PixelStix Partners with GalleriesOnTheGo to Bring Curated Artist Stories to Gallery Exhibits via Smart Device App

St. Petersburg, FL, May 18, 2020

Using PixelStix technology, GalleriesOnTheGo announces the launch of a new service titled ‘GalleryTalk’ that enables artists to share their story with gallery visitors through the viewer’s smart device. Using the GalleryTalk app, artists will be able to upload their video stories about their art, wherever the art piece is in the world. Visitors tap their phone on a tag, on or near the art, and watch the artist explain the purpose and passion behind the art piece. Gallery visitors will also be able to see, on a map displayed on their smart device, where various art pieces supporting this technology are within the gallery or even throughout TampaBay. Future versions of the app will also allow for visitors to purchase any piece they have viewed.

“Our technology in the gallery space is an exciting opportunity and is the perfect solution for a richer interactive art viewing experience. Whereas having access to the underlying story about a particular piece or artist is valuable to the gallery visitor, providing that access while also not distracting from the art itself is a crucial balance. Our technology is very well adapted for this balance”, stated Matthew Walker, CEO and Founder of PixelStix. 


“We experienced PixelStix in street art and realized we could offer our artists an even deeper level of participation for their viewers and devoted fans using the PixelStix technology”, said Sara Mullins, Founder, GalleriesOnTheGO.

Together, both companies enable owners’ of any size space, the capability to take an empty wall, room or lobby and bring it to life with interactive art, expanding their venue’s experience for their patrons enjoyment, while also providing popup galleries for artists to exhibit within. 


About PixelStix

Based in St. Petersburg, FL, PixelStix is the creator of the world’s first mural network and specializes in developing products and technologies that bring gallery experiences to the street art and mural festival art scenes. 

For more info, visit: http://pixelstix.build/ 

About GalleriesOnTheGO

 Based in Tampa Bay, FL, Galleries On The Go is redefining the experience of buying and selling art by making it easy, convenient and welcoming for both collectors and artists whether in person or buying art online.
For more info, visit https://galleriesonthego.com/