A Listing of the Answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions

Open the PixelStix App or download it from the your phone’s app store. Click here for iOS. Click here for Android.

Tap the button labeled ‘Maps’ and you will be presented with 100 of the most popular galleries in PixelStix.

Scroll the list or search for the gallery of murals you want to explore. Open the gallery by tapping it.

The Ps scattered all over a map show you the location of each mural.

Whether in a car, biking or on foot when you get to mural you can do either of the following to learn about the mural:

  • do a ‘Map Tap’ by tapping the P for the mural you are viewing and then selecting ‘View Content’.
  • walk up to the mural and scan the plaque with your phone.


A PixelStix is a small computer that holds videos or memories. Because a PixelStix doesn’t use batteries or electricity, there is no limit to where you can put a PixelStix. They are happy living on mural walls, on cups, or even in your clothing. 

The PixelStix app is a free app for iOS and Android that knows how to read and even program a PixelStix computer.

When someone has the PixelStix app and they touch their phone to a PixelStix, the video or memory is immediately played on the phone.

Murals and street art play a role in PixelStix’s history.  Although a PixelStix can be used for hundreds of different ideas the majority of our technology focuses around improving the ways communities enjoy murals and street art.

The PixelStix Smart Plaques placed on murals are actually just weatherproof PixelStix behind an acrylic plaque.

iOS (Apple) users: 

  1. Open the PixelStix app.
  2. Tap the large P or the SCAN button.
  3. Touch the nose of your phone to the PixelStix.

Android users: 

  1. Open the PixelStix app.
  2. Tap the large P or the SCAN button.
  3. Hover the back of your phone very close and slowly over the PixelStix.


NFC stands for ‘Near Field Communication’ and it’s a short-range wireless technology that allows a phone with the PixelStix app to talk to a PixelStix when they are about an inch away from each other.

Without NFC on your phone you will not be able to scan a PixelStix or Mural Smart Plaque but you can still download the app and use PixelStix Maps to go on a self guided tour of any mural galleries.

Turn Your Collection into a Mural Gallery
Per Mural Location
Interactive mural map for tourists and community members
Each mural location added to the free PixelStix app
Custom PixelStix smart plaque for each location
Each location made interactive for your visitors
All training, consultation and support included
Free monthly analytics sent to your email
10 mural minimum
Individual Smart Plaques
Per Plaque
6" x 4.75" acrylic all-weather plaque
Your gallery logo and artist info
Equipped with QR and NFC technology
Interactive with all mobile phones
Location visible in PixelStix Maps
Exterior adhesive for easy mounting
Custom Plaques sizes and designs available