PixelStix Analytics

One of the huge benefits of adding PixelStix to your murals is being able to monitor the activity with PixelStix Analytics. By logging into the admin portal, you can see your engagement and analyze trends that may help you make decisions about future murals’ location, content, or price.

Admin Portal


The login username and password will be the same ones you use for the PixelStix app. If you need assistance with your username or password, reach out to us on Instagram or email. We are always happy to help!

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When you first log in, you will be met with the dashboard shown here with an overview of views by type and the “View Comparison” bar chart of all views for each mural in the date range. By default, the data will be shown for the current month, but the date range can be changed using the commands in the upper right of the screen.


If you click “Dashboard Tour” you can view a quick, informational walk-through about the various features the page has. You can view this at any time if you need a reminder of any of the features or terms.

The next tab, “Views Over Time”, shows the total number of scans of your collection for a given date. You can hover your cursor over one of the data points to see the exact date and number of scans.

The third tab, “Foot Traffic Map”,  will bring up a map with each mural represented as a circular node on the map at its location. The size of the circle will increase based on the number of scans done at the mural’s location.

Clicking on the node will show the name you have assigned the PixelStix and the number of foot traffic scans. You can also click “fullscreen” to open the map larger in a separate, dedicated tab.


On the last tab, “Popular Dates”,  you can see a list of your top scan days within the active date range. This can help you measure your engagement for special events.


Lastly, if you choose “Manage PixelStix” from the top bar,  you can see a table of all your PixelStix, their views, and options to manage. If you click the “Launch Content”, you can view the currently assigned content which will open in a new tab.


If you choose “Edit PixelStix”, a window will open that will allow to see the PixelStix code, which can help us help you if you need support for a particular PixelStix, and the PixelStix Alias, which is used to easily identify each PixelStix within the admin portal.


You can change the alias here as well as change whether the PixelStix is geo fixed. A geo fixed PixelStix will stay stationary on the map at the designated latitude and longitude. A PixelStix that is on the map, but not geo fixed, will move around on the map, updating its position based on where it is each time it is scanned.