Add Videos to Your Picture Frames

It’s easy to display photos all around the house in frames, but often our video memories get filed away in a folder on our computers or phones and are hard to find when you want to share. With this project, you can store your videos and photos together right in the frame! So the next time someone asks about the photo on your desk you can share your video by just scanning it with your phone.


  1. A picture frame
  2. A printed photo
  3. A PixelStix sticker
  4. Your phone with a video

1. Stick the PixelStix Sticker on the frame in the space where the photo will be so that the photo will cover the sticker when placed in the frame.

2. Tap the P logo in the PixelStix app then scan the PixelStix sticker with your phone. Select “Upload Video”, pick the video you would like to play when the photo is scanned, and hit “Choose” in the bottom right.

3. Put the photo in the frame and you’re done! Now anytime you scan the photo with the PixelStix app, the video will play right away.


PixelStix Labs is where we showcase the various uses of the PixelStix technology that are experimental and generally useful.