Mural Tourism with PixelStix

Just as helpful as PixelStix is in St Petersburg, did you know that the mural technology born in our quaint city is showing up in other parts of the country? 

In the same way that you use PixelStix to find and become immersed in the story of Jade Rivera’s mural in St Pete, (along with the 100+ other SHINE murals), PixelStix is there to help you find and learn about the iconic works of KobraStreeArt in Chicago. PixelStix is also there for you in Austin, TX helping you explore the mosaics of J Muzacz or the surreal street art watertanks of Dreamland painted by the likes of Lucas Aoki and Drew Merritt. 

[Drew Merritt – Dreamland TX]

Use PixelStix in Oklahoma City to find and learn about the eye-dropping 4 tier concrete underpass painted by Kris Kanaly. Or head up to Flint, MI where PixelStix helps you explore the staggering 175+ mural gallery curated by the Flint Public Art Project that will blow your mind. Use PixelStix in Toledo OH to find and learn about the underground tunnel painted by Phybr or use PixelStix in Cincinnati to find the small mural made by South African KeyaTama. When you find KeyaTama’s piece you’ll love the animated video on the plaque where he shares what it means to him to have art in his life.  You can even use PixelStix in Kansas City, MO to find works by our very own ZuluPainter where he has contributed with the likes of St Pete locals Sebastian Coolidge, OlesonArt, Justin Wagher in the annual SpraySeeMo mural festival . Boston,  Memphis, Kalamazoo and of course Tampa – are all cities where PixelStix is being used to turn collections of murals and street art into legitimate galleries that can be explored in fun new way. 

When you use the free PixelStix app to find a mural with our plaque on it, just remember to always Open PixelStix, Tap the P, and Touch the Plaque with your phone. Have fun out there!

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