PixelStix Welcomes Joe Schipani

PixelStix announces a new partnership with Joe Schipani

PixelStix, a mural technology platform that has been bringing innovation to murals across the United States for years, is now expanding its reach to help mural festivals through a new partnership with Joe Schipani, the former executive director of the Flint Public Art Project.

As the director of the Flint Public Art Project, Joe Schipani raised over $2 million, transformed many of Flint’s public spaces and bridged communities with a massive campaign of over 300 murals spanning 5 years. Beginning in 2020, Joe Schipani and PixelStix’s relationship was collaborative from the beginning. Joe was able to see the many ways that the PixelStix technology platform could solve mapping, activation, coordination, and fundraising needs that mural festivals face on a daily basis. This new partnership allows Joe and PixelStix to bring that collaboration to mural communities and festivals throughout the United States, and abroad.

a new line of services for mural festivals

Mural festivals have gained popularity in recent years as a way to celebrate public art and promote tourism. However, organizing such events can be challenging due to logistical issues, lack of funding, and limited resources. Each year, when new murals begin to show up in a community, there’s always a challenge to re-activate spaces from prior years. PixelStix’s new services aim to tackle these obstacles and make it easier for cities and organizations to host successful mural festivals.

One of the services that PixelStix is introducing is a digital mapping platform on top of its existing free app and extensive murals maps. These digital mapping services can help festival-goers find murals, learn more about the artists and their work, and navigate the festival with ease. It also enables festival organizers to update all of the maps in various areas of the web when there are any changes to a gallery during and after the festival.

Another upcoming service offered by PixelStix is a mural activation platform that enables organizers to raise funds for their festival and activate existing murals with performances of any kind. This will pave the way for a new wave of fundraising and public art performances to be experienced using the gallery of murals that a community hosts.

PixelStix’s services also include an online portal that streamlines the festival planning process by providing organizers with a centralized platform to track all festival-related tasks, mural scanning and timelines. This tool can help organizers stay on top of deadlines, manage budgets, and communicate with stakeholders more efficiently.


In a statement, Schipani expressed his excitement about the new role, saying, “I’m thrilled to join the PixelStix team and lead the development of services that will help mural festivals thrive. As someone who has organized these festivals before, I understand the challenges involved, and I look forward to working with organizers across the country to make their festivals more successful.”

By focusing on serving mural communities and artists, this new partnership between Joe Schipani and PixelStix is going to elevate the mural arts movement as we know it today. PixelStix is launching an aggressive campaign starting in 2023 with plans to be in 300 cities across the United States in the next 5 years.

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