“PixelStix has allowed our curated murals to become an interactive urban gallery, now accessible to all, each with a narrated description, creating a museum quality experience without walls or admission costs to the visitors” — John Collins, Executive Director, St. Petersburg Arts Alliance.

The SHINE Mural gallery grows every year when the SHINE St Petersburg Mural Festival curates new pieces to be painted by local, national, and international artists. This Festival began in 2015 and SHINE partnered with PixelStix in 2018 to bring an Art Gallery experience to the collection. Below are the steps needed to experience this amazing outdoor urban gallery that is available to anyone in the public for free.

The plaques, mural network, and information about each mural were paid for by the St Pete Arts Alliance as a gift to the community. Support your Arts Alliance by visiting stpeteartsalliance.org/donate

1. Download the PixelStix app

PixelStix is free to download and available on the Android and iOS platforms.

2. Enter the SHINE Gallery


  • Using the PixelStix app, click the map icon and finger-tap the SHINE Map or
  • If you’ve purchased any of the SHINE gear, such as backpacks or hats, that has our technology on it, open the PixelStix app and touch your phone to it

3. Drive/Bike/Walk to any of the murals


With over 70 murals in the SHINE gallery there is bound to be one or a few near you at any time.

4. Access a mural’s information


  • Walk up to the plaque with the PixelStix app open and touch your phone to the plaque or
  • Finger tap the small PixelStix on the SHINE Map and then finger tap ‘View Content’

5. Enjoy the mural while listening to it’s description


Listen to the reading of the information about the mural by selecting ‘Listen in browser’ on the mural’s info page