PixelStix Maps is an essential tool for anyone hunting down the story and history of buildings, murals, public art, and architecture in your community or city. Below are the instructions you’ll need to use this tool to find whatever gallery you may be interested in. After using PixelStix Maps to find each location in the gallery, you will use the PixelStix app like normal to tap the PixelStix to learn the story behind each piece. Enjoy!

1. Download the PixelStix app

PixelStix is free to download and available on the Android and iOS platforms.

2. Enter a Gallery


Using the PixelStix app, tap the map icon in the lower right and choose either “Popular” or “Nearby” to see a list of available galleries

3. Drive/Bike/Walk to any of the murals


Our network of murals is expanding all the time, so there is bound to be one or a few near you at any time

4. Access a mural’s information


Walk up to the plaque with the PixelStix app open and hold your phone up to the plaque to scan it


For applicable large galleries, select the small PixelStix logo on the Map and then tap ‘View Content’

5. Enjoy the mural while exploring the digital content


The plaques have a variety of content available for you to explore. Some have audio tours about the art and artist, time-lapse videos of the work being painted, links to the artist’s other work, and much more