SHINE Mural Festival

[mural by @arlin_graff]

SHINE & PixelStix

The SHINE Mural Festival is St. Petersburg’s walkable urban gallery; an outdoor art gallery experience which is specific to the Burg’s distinctly artistic sensibilities. SHINE and PixelStix partnered together to create a truly interactive experience.

When the partnership began, SHINE outlined some distinct challenges they needed to solve:

How can we constantly update our community with the physical location of street/public art, as an interactive gallery map?

Gallery Map

People download the free PixelStix app for iPhone or Android, finger tap the Map icon to enter into PixelStix Maps and then select the SHINE gallery. This immediately loads a zoomable map of the city showing a PixelStix glyph for the location of each mural in the gallery. This is used for basic walk-able tours, bike tours and even scavenger hunts.

How can we deliver the story behind the mural while the audience is standing physically at the piece in a way that complements the art without distracting from it?

Docent Experience

If you were to zoom in really close to any of the PixelStix glyphs you would see that it shows a very specific spot on each building or wall. That exact location is where the audience will find a plaque with our technology on it. Each plaque has the artists name, website, and IG handle but also explains to the user to use the PixelStix app to tap their phone to receive the docent-level analysis and reading for the mural at which they are standing.

We also added the ability for guests on the SHINE gallery to access the Mural info from the app itself which has allowed people to take tours from their car and an bikes making plaque scanning optional.

Instructions for using the Gallery

How can we translate the immense popularity of street/public art into funding and support from our local government, community and business owners by showing real data of the public engaging with the art?

Financial Support with Mural Analytics

Financially supporting this gallery isn’t done in a typical manner because the access is essentially free to anyone in the public space. This was a challenge, and where we begin to break the mold of how galleries work in urban settings. Using analytics, we share with SHINE not only the number of scans at each mural (thus translating to economic merit to the nearby coffee shop, bar, restaurant, etc.), but we also identify which murals are ‘hotspots’, allowing us to intelligently place ‘donation stations’ at the spots that are most popular.

Using our world class analytics engine, we can create predictive models showing traffic by time of day, day of week, and predictable walking routes used to reach each of these hotspots, tying the presence of public art to the real world economics of financial impact for the surrounding businesses.


PixelStix offers three levels of implementation:

  • Full Virtual Implementation:  An all inclusive package which includes programming, configuration, a custom display or plaque, the PixelStix hardware, and installation.
  • Self Install Package: A custom display or plaque with the Pixel hardware for you to program and install.
  • Hardware Only: The PixelStix hardware for implementation on your own custom display.


Curious how you can integrate our proprietary platform in your app using our SDK?

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