Jennifer Kosharek is an artist who utilizes a broad spectrum of mediums and was an early feminist influence in the St. Petersburg art community. As a painter, muralist, doll-maker, and quilter Jennifer shows her distinct, whimsical style in every piece. Kosharek’s signature character, a young girl named Gretchen, is featured in much of her work representing self-expression, girl-power, and hope.


The biggest problem that PixelStix solved for me is to map out my art so that my fans/customers can find it.  People seem to love using the P map to find my work and photograph themselves with it. – Jennifer Kosharek


Not only does Kosharek use PixelStix to create a gallery map of her art, but she has used PixelStix to link her street art to her website, add videos of herself painting a mural to the actual mural, and upgrade her mail art with videos of her painting attached to the mail itself. She has also created unique experiences such as a painting of a performer that plays their music video and stuffed creatures with PixelStix in the doll for her customers to attach their own videos to.