Diane V Radel

Diane V Radel is the artist behind a series of abstract paintings called “Turtle Tracks Art.” The series, 43 paintings strong and counting, is inspired by photos she has taken of turtle tracks left on Melbourne Beach and in the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge. By noting the time and date each track is found, Diane hopes to engage viewers in conversations about ocean and sea turtle conservation and the universal thread that connects every living thing.

After hearing about PixelStix on Chat City Podcast, Diane reached out to find out how she could use this technology in her project. Now, each painting in the “Turtle Tracks Art” series has a custom PixelStix built in that has been designed to be archive-quality. This allows Diane to connect with her audience on a more meaningful level. Diane assigns each painting a video in which she discusses what inspired her to learn to paint, the detail of the sea turtle tracks in that particular painting, and her hopes for the series overall.
I don’t completely understand the technology behind PixelStix, but luckily, I don’t need to do anything but follow the prompts in the free app. The app and PixelStix sticker could seriously not be easier to use. – Diane V Radel
Diane donates a percentage of every sale of the “Turtle Tracks Art” series to sea turtle conservancy organizations and donates paintings for fundraiser auctions to¬† Art Ties Us/Bill Edwards Foundation For The Arts, Clothes To Kids, The Payton Wright Foundation, and Make-A-Wish. Donated paintings include PixelStix videos sharing the mission of the organizations they support.