Crawfish Boil

Describe how you’ve used PixelStix.
Each re-usable cup given to guests at the Crawfish boil had a PixelStix on it. The entire party was filmed by Hadji Studios and the video was then stored on all the cups that were handed out to guests at the party. The video was only available for viewing by the attendees at the party who retained their cups. 

If PixelStix solved a problem for you, can you explain?
It didn’t really solve a problem but did offer a new and creative party favor to leave my guests with.

How was your experience with the technology behind PixelStix?
Assembly of the cups involved placing a PixelStix on each cup. 

How was your experience with the people behind PixelStix?
At the 2019 Crawfish Boil, PixelStix created a new and exciting way for guests to remember and relive the experience of the event. Each guest received a re-usable souvenir cup with a PixelStix sticker tag to take home with them. This souvenir cup allows the guests to access an exclusive video of the event that was filmed and curated by Hadji Studios.