Adding Your Murals to PixelStix Maps

PixelStix Maps have been a huge success in St. Petersburg, FL where the local mural festival, SHINE, has been the first to implement the use of PixelStix plaques on all its murals.

More About SHINE

Now you can use the same technology to create your own gallery in the PixelStix network of Street Art and Murals and take advantage of all the perks.

  • Once installed and configured, PixelStix Maps is what your audience will use to find your work.
  • Place content on your wall that will engage your audience and allow them to learn about you and your work.
  • Use your PixelStix Map Analytics to know the foot traffic you are bringing an area or neighborhood.

Here you can learn the basics of how to add a mural to your PixelStix Map.

First, you’ll want to double check that you are logged into the account you want your map to be associated with.

Start by clicking on the gear icon on the lower right of the PixelStix home screen. If you are not logged in, you will see the screen shown here on the right. Select “Log In” if you already have an account or “Register” if you need to create one for the first time.

If this is your first time creating a PixelStix Map, your map will be created with the same name as the username you are logged in as when you add the first item.


If you are already logged in, you will see this screen. You can verify the current username you are logged in with by looking under the “Log Out” option at the top.

If you already have a map created, you will need to be logged in to the account whose name matches the map to add or remove from that map.

If you need assistance with your username or password, reach out to us on Instagram or email. We are always happy to help!

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Assign content to your PixelStix plaque. Be sure to provide content that your audience will find entertaining or educational about the piece or you. Many artists choose a video of themselves working on the piece or talking about the meaning and inspiration behind the piece, but the possibilities are endless!

Here’s a great example from the SHINE 2019 mural that was painted by Palehorse.

Need a refresher on how to assign content?

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Install your PixelStix plaque physically on the wall. Peel off all of the waxy backing to expose the adhesive. Then simply stick the plaque against the wall making sure that as much adhesive as possible is against the surface and give it a good push. The plaque will stick immediately but will take 24 hours to completely cure.

Remember these WILL NOT work on metal surface unless you’ve specifically requested a metal-safe plaque when ordering.

Once the plaque is installed, it’s time to add the plaque to your map,  click the gear icon on the bottom right of the PixelStix home screen, select ‘Add to Map’ from the list of options, then scan the plaque. This will add the plaque, its location, and content to your PixelStix Map.

TIP: If you enter this mode accidentally or decide not to add to your map, you can exit this mode by tapping the ‘next scan will add to map’ message to make it disappear.

Scan the plaque 3 times. This step is important for the PixelStix system to confirm the location of the plaque. Don’t forget it.

Now you can measure how your plaque and mural are performing. Use the same credentials you used to login to the PixelStix app with your Map username to login to the admin portal, Once you are logged in you will be presented with the dashboard for your PixelStix map where you can see the overall performance as well as the metric for each of your plaques.

Admin Portal How to Use the Admin Portal