The PixelStix Story

“As technologists, creating something unique and new in the world is like a dream come true but seeing our technology support and fuel our community is on a whole new level and we couldn’t be more humbled and excited about our future. ” – Matthew Walker, CEO & Founder, PixelStix

The PixelStix story began with a cross-country road trip from Florida to Oregon with my youngest daughter that resulted in a photo album full of pictures. Although full, the photo album always felt incomplete to us because of one simple problem: Whereas all of the pictures were in the album, all of the video memories from the trip were on our phones. This led to video searching, scrolling, interruptions, and generally ‘too much tech’ when we wanted to share the album and our memories with family or friends.

The city we live in, (Saint Petersburg, FL) has an amazing energy to it and a sense of community. This is, in part, due to the abundance of art and artists that live in St Pete. The 600 murals in our small city and the community support for street art is as much as testament to the art culture here as anything else. It’s been called an urban gallery but, honestly, it goes much further than that.

What began in 2012 as a small collection of alley-facing murals in St Pete’s infamous 600-block started a movement which has led to many movements which has resulted in somewhat of an art renaissance in our city that not only fuels our identity but also our youth and local economy.

Shortly after James and I teamed up to build the backend technology and apps needed to solve the problem with the photo album, it just made perfect sense, given the amount of street art / murals in St Pete, to team up with the local mural community and figure out how to embed the story of each mural into the wall itself using this tech.

That was over 2 years ago, and we’ve been building and refining the tools needed to not only serve our local street art community but other communities as well. As an example, in October 2019 we announced the world’s first mural network that was created in partnership with the St Pete Arts Alliance and SHINE Mural Festival. Today we are using our technology to set a new high bar in not only what a mural audience should expect when visiting a city but also in providing the tools needed create sustainability where murals, community and businesses all share an economy.

The PixelStix Team

Matthew Walker has been a solutions architect for over 20 years with significant contributions in Telcom and Healthcare as well as playing a leadership role in a variety of startups. His latest work has been creating solutions for the human experience in an online world using the same tools and strategies used to solve business problems throughout his career.

James Tice is PixelStix’s co-creator and has been engineering solutions and applications on the internet since the late 2000s. James has contributed to both Facilities Monitoring and Healthcare industries as well as contributing to the successes of many smaller organizations and startups.

Lin Nugent is PixelStix’s Jack-of-all-Trades behind the scenes. With a BA in International Business and experience in various tech and craft-based hobbies, she plays a part in most of the day-to-day operations including, but not limited to, managing social media, writing for the website, crafting products, marketing/ public relations, and the occasional coding.

Chris Jenkins has become a recognized authority on both emerging technology and its impact on culture at large. His technical research and editorials have been published around the world in both print and on the web, and he is a frequent keynote speaker. He mentors idea stage startups, and acts as a web technology consultant.

Our future is a bright one and we are excited to share our story with you. Learn how PixelStix is being used for projects, mural festivals and even adding value to businesses worldwide.